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Time Super English Workshop

  • A spiral curriculum of ascending staircase levels of English learning, not simply the repetition of a topic taught.
  • Inspiring students to have fun in learning.
  • Using rhymes, jingles, chants, question-answer flows and creative writing.
  • Learning the five  elements of the English language.

Time Enterprises


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Grammar gym - Subject + am/are/is + Adjective


Grammar gym - Subject + Verb + 2 Objects


Grammar gym - Subject + Verb + Infinitive


Grammar gym - Subject + Verb + Noun / Pronoun + Bare Infinitive


Grammar gym - Subject + Verb + Gerund


Grammar gym - The Present Tense


Grammar gym - The Present Continuous Tense


Grammar gym - The Present Perfect Tense


Grammar gym - The Past Tense


Grammar gym - The Futute Tense


Grammar gym - Voices


Grammar gym - Adjectives


Grammar gym - Modifiers


Grammar gym - Simile


Grammar gym - Camparison


Grammar gym - Proper part of speech


Grammar gym - Sentence transformation


There are over 10 thousand grammar tasks in our grammar gym, from tenses, voices, agreement, number and quantity, articles, prepositions, pronouns, possessives, adjectives, modifiers, comparison, parts of speech, to sentence making.

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