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Time Super English Workshop

  • A spiral curriculum of ascending staircase levels of English learning, not simply the repetition of a topic taught.
  • Inspiring students to have fun in learning.
  • Using rhymes, jingles, chants, question-answer flows and creative writing.
  • Learning the five  elements of the English language.

Time Enterprises


The most popular English Course service provider,  searched by Yahoo and Google, for all primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2511 6300
Fax: (852) 3169 1112

Room 304, Goldfield Tower 53-59 Wuhu Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong



Mr Lawrence Ho 何俊雄 (Chief EQ Trainer)

Master of Business Administration 工商管理學碩士

  • With more than ten years of experience in education, publishing and business administration, Mr Ho was Education Division Manager of Time Enterprises in Hong Kong. With a special interest and talent in social skills training, Mr Ho is the author of 'Mr Super EQ'. Besides, Mr Ho is also devoted to promoting English education in Hong Kong. In the past ten years Mr Ho has organized and implemented more than a thousand English training projects and talks for more than seventy percent of all primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. Mr Ho has won a good reputation for his professional managing service 

  • 十多年教學、出版以及行政管理經驗

  • 現任出版事業行政總監

  • 歷年於全港各中學巡迴主講英文講座(Education Programs)

  • EQ先生一書作

  • 兼任超級EQ訓練課程導師 - 業餘進修中心 (香港工會聯合會)

  • 曾兼任EQ課程導師 - 香港女青年會