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Time Super English Workshop

  • A spiral curriculum of ascending staircase levels of English learning, not simply the repetition of a topic taught.
  • Inspiring students to have fun in learning.
  • Using rhymes, jingles, chants, question-answer flows and creative writing.
  • Learning the five  elements of the English language.

Time Enterprises


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Fun English Class 繽紛英語班

Student's interest in learning English would be aroused through a series of fun and interesting games. Student's fluency in spoken English will also be improved.


English Through Magic Class 英語魔法班

Students learn English through magic, in order to enhance their oral English and communication skills.


English Conversation Class 英語會話班 (初級、中級及高級)

Students' communication ability will be improved through different activities of different themes.


Phonics and Conversation Class 透過不同的主題活動,增強學生運用英語溝通的能力。

Focuses on phonic awareness skills- the understanding that there are relationships between letters and sounds and the ability to manipulate the sounds that make up spoken English.


Creative Writing Class 創意寫作班

Avails students with techniques and skills that give them the opportunity to explore their critical thinking abilities and come up with their own imaginative and creative texts.


English Drama Class 繽紛話劇班

Aims to improve spoken English within a fun environment whilst developing better interpersonal skills, teamwork and greater self-confidence.


English Interest Group 英語興趣班                                                               

* Dancing   舞蹈
* Singing   唱遊
* Cooking   烹飪
* Physical Exercises   體操
* Art and Crafts   視覺藝術 摺紙
* First Aids and Survival   急救及求生技能

Cambridge Young Learners English Preparatory Class 劍橋小學英語考試預備班

* Including reading, writing, listening and oral, suitable for students aged 7 to 12
* The examination is a reference for admission to English secondary school

Certification will be awarded


本中心課程 - Time Super English Learning Centre

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