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by  Ecology and Environment (English) Study Project  

A plan, successfully applied by some schools, to 'SAVE' the low-motivated students in their study of the English Language and other academic subjects.

Under the Ecology and Environment (English) Study Project, the students are creating their own interest in learning by doing research and making their own reports, or exhibitions, or videos, etc. They become self-motivated, not only in supporting the nature or environment protection, but also in studying English as a media to publish their findings.

The study project consists of our provision of teachers (NET or local) and course materials to train your students in 3 to 6 months (about 20 hours' program) to do research and field study, and enhance students' English in producing written study reports or exhibitions or other outputs.

The Ecology and Environment (English) Study Project works out according to:

1.  the Life-Wide Learning (Extending, Enriching, Enabling) as formulated by the Education Bureau,

2.  the need of New Senior Secondary Curriculum (Drama, Short Stories, Poems and Songs, Popular Culture, Workplace Communication, Sports Communication, Debating, and Social Issues)

3.  the resources and support from the HK Wetland Park of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

Some outputs of students' study project already done by some schools can be viewed throughWetland park logo(1).jpg (9100 bytes)


Study projects can be sustainable every year. Their reports can be uploaded onto the internet.

Therefore, more exposure and recognition in an international platform will be entertained by students.

Please feel free to contact me through 2511 6300 to make appointment for showing some study reports done and proposal with budget for your consideration.

Topics for the Ecologic and Environmental Protection Study Project:

List of topics sourced from Hong Kong Wetland Park (http://www.wetlandpark.com/en/education/education_kit.asp)

1.1 Are these wetlands?- Popular Culture Wetland Park.jpg (428914 bytes)
1.2 Functions of wetlands - Popular Culture
1.3 Ramsar Sites  - Popular Culture, Social Issue
2.1 Why are the two poles so cold? - Popular Culture, Social Issue
5.1 River and human culture- Drama
5.2 Customs related to rivers - Drama
6.1 The cradle of civilization-Popular Culture
7.2 Leisure activities in wetlands - Creative Writing
7.3 Adventure of water droplet - Storytelling
8.1 Pictures and poems - Poetry and Songs
8.2 Write poem on wetlands - Poetry and Songs
10.1 The Three Gorges Project - Social Issue
12.1 Stream pollution - Social Issue
13.1 Water saving tips- Social Issue
14.1 Threat on hard coral community- Social Issue
14.2 Impact of development on mangrove - Social Issue
14.3 Impact of reclamation - Debate
17.1 Case study - Pollution of Songhua River - Debate
18.1 Traditional wise use - Powerpoint Presentation & Public Speaking
19.1 The succession of pond- Powerpoint Presentation & Public Speaking
20.3 Economic value of mangroves - Debate
21.3 Be prepared to set off- Storytelling
22.1 Dragonfly and damselfly - Exhibition
22.2 The lost couples - Storytelling and Exhibition
23.1 Defense mechanisms of butterflies - Exhibition
23.2 Feeding habits of butterflies - Exhibition                                                                                                                          

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Outcome of student research:

l  Students' learning motivation and interest be reinforced, and students' English abilities be enhanced to cope with the New Senior Secondary Curriculum requirements

Study reports be shared at school, announced to public or shown at other schools by students' presentation, exhibition, or public speaking, etc

l    Study projects be sustainable every year and more exposure for students in any International Environmental Protection Conferences

l    Students acting as English Green Ambassadors

l    School repute for supporting and promoting Ecology & Environment Protection


Please feel free to contact me through 2511 6300 to make appointment for showing some study reports done and proposal with budget for your consideration.